Having a hard time making contacts with potential partners and customers in North America? Tired of battling time zone challenges to pursue sales leads? Luminance can provide strategy and implementation support to help your company establish a thriving market presence in North America.

U.S. Corporate Development & Legal Presence

Many companies find it most efficient to establish a U.S. subsidiary and local operations efforts - Luminance and its partners work with its clients to make this happen in a manner that adheres to American regulatory policy. To aid with the launch of your U.S. operations Luminance will work with you to build a comprehensive team that covers financing strategy & outreach, human resources, legal, product development, and technical support services.

Marketing & Business Development

Often companies simply benefit from having local resources who can develop and manage sales leads, establish and/or grow reseller relationships, and to drive local marketing activities. In addition, Luminance can facilitate introductions to pertinent technology partners and potential customers through its network of contacts in the enterprise software and security markets.

Localization of Marketing Materials

Translating marketing collateral into English often isn’t enough when it comes to penetrating the North American marketplace. Luminance works with its clients to ensure that key technology concepts are communicated clearly to the local marketplace – taking into consideration local customs, case studies and documentation guidelines.